HPLC Column

Each YMC-Pack column is chromatographically tested to assure that plate count, peak symmetry and general column performance meet YMC’s high standard of quality.


First truly preparative scale C8 and C18 hybrid phases available in large lot sizes

Process HPLC

YMC Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) Columns for preparative scale liquid chromatography 50 – 600 mm i.d. and Customized for various sizes

Welcome To YMC

studio1 YMC SINGAPORE TRADELINKS PTE LTD is a subsidiary of YMC Co. Ltd, JAPAN and was established in 2013. Headquartered at Singapore, it is covering the region of South East Asia.
YMC Co. Ltd, JAPAN – the parent company was established in 1980 in JAPAN and is the only company in the World providing all that a customer needs in the field of analytical and Process Chromatography. Starting from analytical Columns to Preparative Columns, Preparative Equipment to Packing Material of all kinds of diverse chemistry.
YMC Co. Ltd, JAPAN believes that customer satisfaction in terms of quality, delivery and after sales support, is its top and foremost responsibility. It is committed to deliver the best. Hence, YMC Co. Ltd, JAPAN is constantly working towards improving the quality standard of its product and services by upgrading its technology and regularly training its team located around the globe.
YMC SINGAPORE TRADELINKS PTE LTD presently offers all the products range manufactured by YMC Co. Ltd, JAPAN which includes, HPLC/UHPLC Analytical columns, including normal and reverse phase, size exclusion, HILIC, ion-exchange, Chiral, Guard Columns, Preparative columns (prepacked), bulk media, Column Packer/ Dynamic axial compression (DAC) columns, HPLC System, Low pressure chromatography columns, Glass columns etc.
At YMC SINGAPORE TRADELINKS PTE LTD, we believe in providing a better solution to all the chromatography needs of our customers and growing with their own growth.